About Us

DADI CNC, based in Jinan city  Shandong Province, China, has been leading the industry in wood working and laser industries  innovations for 15 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements.

At DADI cnc , we aim to be “globally local” as we are involved in many community outreach programs in which we offer our time, support, products, and services.


DADI CNC was founded in 2006 by  Jinan city Shandong Province who saw an opportunity to bring high-quality woodworking and laser  machinery to all over the world. The first machine  to be introduced were combination machines and soon lead to DADIc CNC most  iconic machine. Over the years we built an extensive line of woodworking machinery and laser machines before moving forward with development of our own CNC Automation.

We launched our line of CNC Machines with the SmartShop and soon followed it up with the Swift and IQ machines. After innovating on the CNC Router end, we came out with even more advanced machinery such as CO2 Lasers and fiber Cutters. Now we have a wider range of machinery available than ever before, all to help our customers achieve their goals to improve the way they do business.

Who is DADI cnc ?

We are the people we employ, the products we sell and the passion to serve our customers that emanates from both.

DADI CNC  was born in Jinan city, ShanDong province  China, out of a desperate  need to find safe, quality and precise engraving machines for all over the world customers. Now, over decades later, DADI CNC is still a corporation with the same values of quality, accuracy and safe products and that also focuses on their customers and their needs.

While we started off as a leader in the laser machines and cnc routers  industry, we have now applied our innovative ideas to the metal, plastics, signs and composite businesses.

We do everything with one goal in mind — to help our customers build personal success stories.

We sell solutions.


The company philosophy is to hire employees with great attitudes, first and foremost. While most companies focus on experience, we believe that by hiring people with the right attitude we can create a corporate culture that is passionate about our company, our products, and satisfying the needs of our customers.


The main focus of DADI  CNC is to provide solutions for our customers’ needs. Yes, we sell machines but ultimately we sell products that solve simple-to-complex issues. Whether you are the consummate worker crafting a work of art to pass down to your grandson or a production manager who demands precise, quality and consistent parts, our products provide you with the tools to complete the task.

We Sell Solutions.


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