CNC Router 1010/1212/1218/1224 Mini luminous characters, carving the world, light up the world!

Do you belive that you can light the world?Yes,I have no doubt about it !

How does the advertising engraving machine make mini luminous characters? 

1. Make computer files, edit and typeset with CDR software, and typeset according to the actual size of 1:1. Note that the gestures should not be too small. It is guaranteed to be able to put in a relatively small LED module (a relatively small LED strip is 5mm) ).

2. Choose the material. The imported polymer acrylic material used in the mini luminous characters has the advantage of being smooth and smooth. Production equipment: Place the materials of the required specifications on the mini-character engraving machine, and then link the completed files to the engraving machine and start working. At present, the professional mini-character engraving machine is very smooth and smooth when cutting acrylic, and the corners of the characters are processed smoothly.

3. The engraving of mini luminous characters is completed in several steps: (1) Slotting on the back of the character; (2) The obverse side of the character; (3) The front is cut out; (4) Cut out the bottom plate;

4. Clean up after engraving with a professional mini-character engraving machine, and install the prepared LED high-brightness light source in the slotted area of ​​the word.

5. After the above steps are completed, encapsulate these parts, and then spray your favorite paint color on the side, and after drying, make it into a complete mini luminous handicraft.

Recently, more and more industries use woodworking engraving machines. The market for engraving machines is getting bigger and bigger. It is a challenge as well as an opportunity. Seize the opportunity to achieve you.

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Post time: Mar-29-2021
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