How to choose clothing automatic cutting machine ?

How to choose clothing automatic cutting machine

1. Garment automatic cutting is essential for the garment production industry
Cutting sounds simple, but the real operation is not easy, and if you manually typesetting and cutting fabrics, it is inevitable that there will be waste of fabrics. Therefore, choosing an easy-to-use automatic garment cutting machine is a must for garment factories in the garment industry. indispensable condition.

2. Which is better, laser automatic cutting machine or vibrating knife automatic cutting machine?
Garment automatic cutting machine is a kind of intelligent cutting equipment, generally there are two types, one is cut by laser, the other is cut by vibrating knife. Laser cutting machine was very popular with factory owners before because of its fast cutting speed. , but there are also disadvantages, that is, the fabric is easy to burn, and the later vibrating knife clothing proofing machine does not have this problem.

3. The vibrating knife clothing cutting machine is more intelligent
The vibrating knife automatic clothing cutting machine is a steel frame welded into one frame, which is more efficient, intelligent and stable, and can replace different knives and cut different fabrics. Computer automatic cutting is more time-saving and material-saving than manual typesetting and cutting, and now The high-end garment automatic cutting machine can automatically mark, automatically collect, automatically remove waste, and intelligently transport, and its efficiency is much higher than that of manual labor.

4. How much is a garment automatic cutting machine?

According to the small orders and individual needs of the market, we must adapt to market changes. How much does a garment cutting machine cost? , Automatic marking, automatic film collection, automatic waste removal, intelligent conveying, please call for details.


Post time: Feb-17-2023
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