The difference between water cooled spindle and air cooled spindle for CNC Router machines


1. The water-cooled spindle motor, as the name suggests, uses water circulation to cool the heat generated after the spindle rotates at a high speed. This method will work well, because the temperature after circulation will not exceed 40 degrees. The air-cooled spindle motor uses a fan to dissipate heat, and its effect is definitely not as good as water cooling.

2. Noise. The water-cooled spindle motor is basically no noise, but the air-cooled spindle motor is very loud.

3. In terms of service life. Because water-cooled spindle motors need to pay attention to maintenance, frequent water changes or use industrial water coolers, their service life is much longer than that of air-cooled spindle motors.

4. In terms of accuracy. The axial and radial runout of the water-cooled spindle motor is basically below 0.003 mm, which is far less than the air-cooled spindle motor !

5. Easy to use. Since the water-cooled spindle needs to be connected to a water pump, a bucket is needed to hold the water and the water pipe needs to be connected. Especially in the cold winter in the north, it is easier to freeze, and some customers may find it more troublesome; while the air-cooled spindle does not have so many The use problem.

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Post time: Nov-25-2020
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