Solution of laser condensation in summer

At this time, it is at the time of the Meng Xia period, when the thunderstorm increases, the frequent rain and wet environment can easily lead to the condensation in the laser, thus reducing the performance of the laser and may be damaged. How to solve the phenomenon of laser condensation? What should be paid attention to in the use of lasers in the summer

1. if the cooling temperature is lower than the temperature within the laser environment, the water will precipitate to the electrical and optical modules if the cooling temperature is lower than that in the laser environment. Solution: it is suggested to configure a separate air-conditioner for lasers.

2. avoid internal and external condensation of air conditioning lasers.

If there is no flowing water, there is no matter. If there is a large number of floating beads and water stains around the laser, a non – condensation work environment for the laser with air conditioning should be established.

3. avoiding the exposure of the machining head

It is suggested that the evaporator should be added between the gas source and the processing head to keep the gas temperature close to the ambient temperature and reduce the risk of condensation.

4. because condensation is an objective physical phenomenon, it is still necessary to remind you that when the laser is used, it is necessary to minimize the temperature difference between the operating environment and the cooling temperature of the laser.

Post time: Aug-03-2018
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