How to choose the cutter head for the vibrating knife cutting machine? What is the difference between a circular knife and a vibrating knife, and what materials are they suitable for?

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We always say: “The Dadi CNC Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine can freely replace the cutter head to meet the cutting needs of a variety of materials.” Then different cutter heads are suitable for those materials, how should we choose?

Today, I will share with you the difference between the two most commonly used cutter heads for vibrating knives, as well as which materials they are applicable to, and provide some reference suggestions for bosses to choose cutter heads.round knife blade How it works: The working principle of the circular knife blade is to use the rotation of the blade to cut, similar to the circular woodworking table saw used in woodworking. Then the robotic arm drives the blade to move on the worktable and adjust the angle to achieve any shape of cutting.
Features: The round knife cutting product has good effect, the edge is smooth and flat, there will be no burr, scattered edge, pattern phenomenon, and will not produce the focal edge effect of laser cutting.
However, the shape of the blade cut by the circular knife is circular, so when cutting materials with thickness, the existence of curvature will cause the cutting distance between the upper and lower and the middle to be different, which leads to the phenomenon of over-cutting during the cutting process. It will be more obvious as the thickness of the cut material increases.
Applicable materials: According to the characteristics of circular knife cutting, the circular knife is suitable for cutting single-layer materials or mesh fabrics.
Vibrating knife blade Working principle: The working principle of the vibrating knife is completely different from that of the circular blade. It uses the vibration of the blade in the vertical direction to cut. Then the robotic arm drives the blade to move on the worktable and adjust the angle to achieve any shape of cutting.

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Features: The vibrating knife has fast cutting speed and good cutting effect. Since the vibrating knife is a cutting method of up and down vibration, the cutting effect of multi-layer materials is also very good.
Applicable materials: The vibrating knife can be used for multi-layer material and plate cutting.
Except for the different cutting blades, the vibrating knife and the circular knife are basically the same in other configurations and parameters, and they also support customization. Of course, there are some subtle differences.


Post time: Mar-07-2022
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