How to choose a non-metallic gasket cutting machine?

Applicable gasket material: asbestos gasket, cork gasket, rubber gasket, graphite gasket, silicone gasket…
Shandong Dadi CNC non-metallic gasket intelligent cutting machine provides cutting solutions for high-precision cutting requirements and taper problems of sealing gaskets.

This series of non-metallic gasket cutting equipment is suitable for processing non-metallic flexible materials of various complex shapes, helping users to comprehensively upgrade product processing speed, processing flexibility, finished product technology and processing range. Vertical cut without taper and burr-free edges, adjustable with different knives.
1. Cutting with a milling cutter
The milling process is carried out by high-speed rotating cutters to make the cutting edge of the material smoother. In addition to processing hard materials, foam materials can also be processed.
2. The pneumatic knife controls the blade to vibrate up and down at high frequency to cut the material through air pressure, no heat source, no pollution, Taiwan linear guide rail transmission system, cutting accuracy above ±0.1mm.
Suitable for sealing gasket materials: graphite composite board, non-asbestos board, asbestos board, rubber, silica gel, etc.
The earth cutting machines are all “automatic systems”, equipped with Panasonic servo systems, with a running speed of 100-3000mm/s, which can replace 4-6 manual workers, and the cutting efficiency is increased by more than 4 times.
1. Swedish rack, more precise and more stable
Originally imported racks, super-capable auxiliary equipment running at high speed, more precise and stable cutting
2. Nesting saves materials, saves money and makes money
15% saving of raw materials, computer intelligent digital typesetting, no need for molds
3. Multifunctional tool, flexible use
Multi-knife combined cutting, computer motion control, diversification to meet customer cutting needs, and maximize the actual performance of the equipment.
4. Partition adsorption, choose more
Aluminum alloy honeycomb platform, three adsorption options of following, partitioning according to the map and manual partitioning, flexibly meeting customer cutting requirements.
5. Red light positioning, agile brain
Visually confirm the cutting position of the pattern, and freely drag the pattern to move according to the size of the material

Post time: Feb-17-2023
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