Correct using way of stone engraving machine


(1) Working environment

The stone engraving machine is a high-tech mechatronics equipment, which has certain requirements for the working environment.(whatsapp:008615966055683)

1. Avoid equipment that seriously affects the signal transmission of the engraving machine, such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. Such as: electric welding machine, launch tower, etc.

2. Use a three-core power supply to ensure good grounding of the engraving machine and reduce interference.

3. The voltage is required to be stable to avoid large fluctuations, and it is best to use a voltage stabilizer.

4. The machine should not work for a long time in a strong acid or alkali environment.

(2) Maintenance and maintenance

Engraving machines are mostly used in processing business, and the processing produces more powder and dust. So pay attention to maintaining the engraving machine and maintaining the engraving machine. Pay attention to keeping the lead screw, guide rail and other components clean and lubricated during use, and timely clean up the dust and add oil to the transmission components; Jinan engraving machine operators must clean and add oil in time, and it is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug.

(3) Software use

The engraving machine has numerous engraving software available. Such as: Wentai Engraving, Casmate-pro, Caxa, Mastercam, Artcam, Smartcam, Type3, etc. To meet your engraving requirements, please select the correct operating software.

(4) Processing issues

1. The rationality of the processing technology

Besides relying on the engraving machine to ensure the processing accuracy, reasonable processing technology is also very important. In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, please pay attention to the rationality of the processing technology. (WeChat account emy860416)

2. Tool usage

The machining accuracy is affected by the manufacturing process and precision of the tool itself. Therefore, please select a tool suitable for processing when processing.

3. Operator

The proficiency and sense of responsibility of the operators also have a huge impact on the machining accuracy. The customer’s operator requirements and a skilled computer operation basis. During the training process, you should be proficient in choosing different engraving speeds and using different tools for different materials. This aspect often requires experience and mastery. It is beneficial to extend the using life of the machine and cutters.



Post time: Sep-02-2020
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